Residential Program Admissions

Students not from the New York Metropolitan area may be invited to live in SAB's onsite residence hall as a component of their acceptance into Winter Term. Students must first audition for the Winter Term in order to be considered for housing.

Listed below are expenses for the 2019-2020 Winter Term. Upon enrollment, families are responsible for the fees as outlined on the room and board invoice. If a student moves out of the dorm during the year, any balance due will still be collected and no refunds of payments to-date will be made.

Note, SAB requires that all students living in SAB’s Residence Hall have health insurance coverage.  Coverage must be for emergency and non-emergency care in NYC and must be valid as of September 1, 2019, through the entire Winter Term.

Resident Student Costs for 2019-2020

Breakdown of Residence costs:

Resident Student Charge
(includes tuition, room, and board)
Activity Fee $175
Technology Fee $150
Laundry Fee $40
TOTAL $26,500


A $300 security deposit is required for all new students.  Please contact the registrar's office at 212-769-6605 with questions.

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