Winter Term Auditions for 6-10 Year olds

SAB is pleased to announce that we will conduct auditions in May and June for our 2021-22 Winter Term for children between the ages of 6 and 10 who live in the New York City metropolitan area.  In order to audition, applicants must be no younger than 6 and no older than 10 on June 1, 2021*

No previous training or experience is necessary for children in this age group. Those accepted will be invited to begin classes in Fall 2021. Tuition assistance is available.

*Note: Depending upon the number of class spaces remaining after our reenrollment process for current SAB students is complete, we may elect to schedule an additional earlySeptember audition for 11 year olds who do not meet the age criteria for our spring auditions. Our decision concerning a fall audition opportunity for 11 year olds will be made in mid-July. Please submit this form if you wish to be kept up to date on our potential fall audition plans.

2021 Audition Dates & Times

Auditions will take place at SAB on the following dates:

Date Time Ages
Sunday, May 16 1:00-5:30 pm 7-10 year olds
Sunday, May 23 1:00-5:30 pm 7-10 year olds
Sunday, June 6 1:00-5:30 pm 6-10 year olds
Sunday, June 13 1:00-5:30 pm 6-10 year olds
Monday, June 14 4:00-7:30 pm 6-10 year olds

Pre-registration Instructions

Pre-registration is required for all applicants. Audition space is limited, and we anticipate that all audition slots will be quickly filled. Start dates for pre-registration will be staggered based on age as listed below. (Important Note: your registration group is determined by the age your child will be on June 1. For example, if the applicant is 8 years old today but will be 9 by June 1,  you will be able to pre-register starting on May 6.)  Due to COVID-19 related occupancy restrictions, no walk-ins will be allowed.

Please make note of the following pre-registration start dates by the age the applicant will be on June 1, and also note that you will be required to upload an image of the applicant’s birth certificate, passport, or other government document verifying the child’s birthdate as part of the registration form.

Tuesday, May 4 – Audition Registration opens for 7-8 year olds at 10:00 am
      (includes 6 year olds who will be 7 by June 1, 2021)

Thursday, May 6 – Audition Registration opens for 9-10 year olds at 10:00 am
      (includes 8 year olds who will be 9 by June 1, 2021)

Tuesday, May 11 – Audition Registration opens for 6 year olds at 10:00 am
      (includes 5 year olds who will be 6 by June 1, 2021)

Please review important audition information below BEFORE proceeding to pre-register for an audition. 

All audition slots for 6-10 year olds are full.  Please do not proceed with registration if you fall into that age group.  You may visit the link below to be placed on a waiting list.

Join the Waiting List

Important Audition Information

We have reconceived our audition process this year in consideration of recommended health and safety precautions for limiting the spread of COVID-19. Our new procedures will minimize the amount of time that children and their parents will need to spend at SAB, incorporate the use of outdoor spaces for sign-in and waiting, and emphasize social distancing. Audition dates will be highly structured, with each family assigned to a specific arrival time to control the number of people occupying our waiting spaces. Those considering auditioning should carefully review the following information and be comfortable with our planned audition procedures before registering for an audition.

  • All auditions will take place at SAB’s Lincoln Center headquarters at 165 W. 65th Street. Click here for directions. We will not offer Community Auditions in NYC’s boroughs this spring due to health and safety precautions and restrictions on venue rentals. We look forward to reinstating Community Auditions in 2022.
  • An audition fee of $38.50 must be paid at the time of registration. However, in light of the fact that we cannot offer our free Community Auditions this year and to ensure that this audition opportunity is accessible to all who wish to participate, applicants may elect to pay an alternate fee of $5. The amount paid will have no impact on admissions decisions. We encourage applicants to pay whichever fee best matches their individual capacity.
  • Audition fees are non-refundable. No exceptions will be made for students who miss their audition appointment, regardless of the reason. However, should SAB be forced to cancel auditions, audition fees will be refunded.
  • Applicants will choose a 45 minute audition window at the time of pre-registration and will be asked to check in approximately 30 mins earlier. To minimize the number of people gathering, families will not be allowed to gather in the check-in area until their assigned check-in time. Clear instructions on check-in timing and procedures will be shared with applicants after they have pre-registered for an audition date/time.
  • Parents and applicants must wear masks at all times while occupying our outdoor waiting area, and applicants must remain masked throughout all phases of the audition process. Children who cannot comply with this mask requirement should not audition. Note that masks must fit properly with the nose and mouth fully covered. We prefer that children wear KN95 masks or double mask with a non-medical paper mask covered by a cloth mask.
  • Applicants will check-in at street level next to the Samuel B. and David Rose Building at 165 W. 65th Street. Each applicant may bring one adult chaperone. There will be no exceptions made to this rule due to limited space in our waiting area due to distancing requirements. Checked-in parents will remain in a sheltered holding space outside the Rose Building’s above-street entrance for the duration of their child’s audition. No more than 18 parents and children (in total) will occupy the outdoor waiting space at any given time in order to ensure adequate room for proper social distancing.
  • Children must arrive wearing their audition clothes underneath street clothes. We regret that no changing rooms or bathrooms will be available for parents and children in the waiting areas. At this time there are no available public bathrooms on the Lincoln Center campus. Please plan accordingly.
  • Once they have checked in, applicants will have their temperature scanned with an infrared thermometer. Those with a temperature over 100.4 F will not be allowed to audition. Parents will also fill out a health questionnaire for their child upon arrival.
  • Applicants will be escorted by SAB staff into the Rose Building in groups of 3. Parents must remain behind in the outdoor waiting area. Children will take a short elevator ride to SAB’s studios and then be taken to a waiting area where they will remain with an SAB staff member for no more than 15 minutes before being escorted to an audition studio. Children will be given the opportunity to use the bathroom if needed after they are brought inside.
  • No more than 6 students will be placed in the waiting room or the audition studio at a time.  They will be spaced 12 feet apart at all times.
  • Children will spend no more than 15 minutes in the audition studio.  In addition to the 6 applicants, the audition studio will be staffed by 2 or 3 SAB faculty members and two administrative staff members.
  • During the audition, each child will spend several minutes standing next to a portable barre while faculty members observe. One faculty member will briefly approach the applicant and help them stretch their feet and legs in several basic ballet positions. It will be necessary for the faculty member to touch the child’s legs and feet and stand closer than 6 feet. Those who are not comfortable with this degree of contact should not attend the audition. All faculty and staff will wear KN95 masks or be double masked. After their one-on-one moment with the faculty, the 6 children in the audition room will complete a simple musical exercise that will maintain 12 foot distancing between applicants.
  • Upon completion of their audition, children will be escorted by an SAB staff member directly to our elevators and brought back to their parents in the waiting area at the Rose Building entrance.
  • SAB’s facilities will be repeatedly cleaned throughout the audition day, and our waiting room and audition studios will be rotated among 4 open studios to further enhance safety. Portable barres touched by applicants will be sanitized after each use.
  • SAB’s training program for children is intended for students who permanently reside in the New York City area. Students who do not live in the tri-state region within easy commuting distance of SAB should not audition for SAB’s Winter Term. Instead, students aged 10 and up from outside the local area should consider auditioning for our annual summer programs each year in January. SAB’s summer programs are designed to enable non-local students to experience SAB’s training and to be considered for an invitation to train in our Winter Term once they are old enough for our residential program (beginning at age 14 or older). For more information about our New York Junior Session, click here.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Auditioning children must be independent enough to leave their parents in the outdoor waiting area and accompany our staff into the building without reservation. Absolutely no exceptions to our requirement that parents remain outside will be made. Children unable to leave their parents will not be allowed to audition.  Children must also be capable of using SAB’s restroom on their own with no assistance dressing or undressing in bathroom stalls.  You may choose any of the clothing options below. Please consider the best option for your child in light of the requirement that they must be able to go to the bathroom without undressing/dressing assistance.

Audition Dress Code

Boys: t-shirts (should be well-fitting and not oversized), shorts (should be above the knee), or tights with ankle socks. Ballet slippers are optional.*

Girls: leotard (any color), pink or flesh tone tights (optional) OR one piece bathing suit OR t-shirt (form fitting) and shorts (above the knee). Ballet slippers are optional.*

*A note about ballet slippers: In order to clearly see the applicant’s feet, our teachers will ask applicants to remove their ballet slippers (if worn) upon entering the studio. Ballet slippers may be put back on for the musical component of the audition. If an applicant does not already own ballet slippers, please do not make a special purchase for the audition. It is perfectly fine to wear street shoes and tights or socks into the audition. Those who do so will remove their shoes upon entering the studio and complete the audition in tights/socks.