Winter Term Auditions for 11-18 Year olds

Winter Term auditions for this age group are held in early September, typically the Tuesday after Labor Day. Those accepted enroll within a week. Applicants in this age group are expected to have previous experience.  Students who are between the ages of 12 and 18 are strongly encouraged to audition for SAB’s five-week Summer Course, as that program can be an entry point to the Winter Term.  For more information about SAB’s Summer Course, visit this link. Auditions and enrollment for the 2021 Summer Course are complete, please consider auditioning for the 2022 Summer Course.

In light of the continuing pandemic, audition information will be announced once conditions around transmission of COVID-19 are such that we feel we can move forward with an audition experience that is safe for children, parents, and SAB’s faculty and administrative staff.

This message was updated March 29, 2021

General Audition Information

  • Proof of Age: Applicants must show official proof of birth at the time of the audition. Only a birth certificate or passport will be acceptable as proof.
  • As a general rule, recommendation letters, photographs and resumes are not accepted at auditions.
  • All girls should bring pointe shoes to the audition.
  • Observation of auditions is not permitted
  • The audition fee is $52 for this audition
  • Pre-paid audition fees are non-refundable. We regret that refunds cannot be provided to applicants who register for an audition at SAB but subsequently elect to attend a Community Audition.
  • Click here to view FAQ for this audition