SAB School Store via Bonfire

The School of American Ballet is pleased to offer branded merchandise in conjunction with the e-commerce platform Bonfire. SAB does not have a physical store — all school store purchases must be done online. Browse featured products below or go straight to SAB’s store page on Bonfire to start shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bonfire?

The School of American Ballet presents our school store via the e-commerce platform Bonfire. Bonfire is responsible for payment processing, order fulfillment, shipping, and customer service.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Bonfire sells SAB’s products in 10-day “campaigns”, with all orders received during each 10-day period shipped at the end of the campaign.  You’ll be able to see how many days are left in the current campaign before purchasing. Domestic orders will arrive 7-14 business days from the end of each campaign. Delivery time for international orders can vary depending on location.  Depending on when you purchase during the campaign cycle, it may take several days or several weeks for your order to arrive. We thank you for your patience!

How can I track my order?

You may track your order’s status by visiting Bonfire’s  Track Your Order Page. Enter the order number listed in your confirmation email in order to view your complete shipping details.

I didn't get a confirmation email?

Bonfire sends an automated confirmation email upon receipt of each order. This email contains your order summary, order number and other important information. You may need to check your Spam/ Junk folder and search for “Bonfire”. To prevent your email provider from blocking emails from Bonfire in the future, make sure to “whitelist” Bonfire.

How much does shipping cost?

**Please note that many of SAB’s products are sold in separate “Campaigns” to accommodate different logo designs and products. If a purchase is made that includes products from multiple Campaigns, the orders will not be shipped together since they are printed and processed separately.  Purchasing items from multiple Campaigns will result in multiple shipments with their own delivery dates and charges (as outlined below).

For domestic deliveries, the shipping cost for the first product is $3.99 and increases by $2.50 for each additional product in the same campaign.

For international addresses, the shipping charge for one item is $9.99 and increases by $4.00 for each additional product purchased within the same campaign.  See above for a note about ordering products from multiple campaigns.

What if I want to modify or cancel my order?

Modifications to or cancellations of your order can be made any time before the Campaign’s end date. You may do so by accessing the “Thank-you” made immediately after checkout or by accessing your order through your confirmation email.

When canceling your order, you will be asked to confirm and to provide a reason for the cancellation. Once you have done so, you will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation. It will take 3-10 business days for the cancellation to be reflected on your credit/bank statement.

All modifications and cancellations are processed by Bonfire. Once the campaign batch has closed, Bonfire is not able to cancel or change orders!

How do returns, refunds, and exchanges work?

As much as we want you to enjoy our SAB merchandise, we understand that you may need to return, exchange, or request a refund.

For a refund or replacement request, go to Bonfire’s Contact Page and select “I have a question about my order”. Fill in your order number and email address that you used at checkout, then select the reason for your request.

For other possible actions concerning issues with your order, review Bonfire’s Solution’s  page.

I am a current or former student and would like to order a product that SAB has offered on site in the past. Are those items available for purchase?

At this time, our only products available for purchase are those shown in our Bonfire store. Current SAB students and parents will be notified directly of any future onsite purchasing opportunities once pandemic conditions improve.

Visit our Store on Bonfire

Please note that all questions or problems with your order should be addressed directly on Bonfire’s support site.  SAB is not able to assist with questions related to specific orders placed on Bonfire. If you have general questions, feel free to contact us by writing to  Happy Shopping! 

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