New York Junior Session

This week-long, immersive experience at SAB’s headquarters in Manhattan is an excellent introduction to SAB’s training, programs and faculty for serious ballet students between the ages of 10 and 12. Students take daily classes with SAB’s permanent faculty and guest teachers, including principal dancers from New York City Ballet. Participants benefit from the use of SAB’s state-of-the-art facilities on Lincoln Center’s pristine campus which is a mecca of arts and culture in New York City.  In addition to daily ballet classes, the program offers cultural enrichment and wellness seminars to further broaden young minds’ exposure to the arts.

Program Dates and Schedule

The 2020 New York Junior Session will take place from June 22 – 27, 2020

Classes will be held Monday, June 22, through Saturday, June 27, with each level attending two ballet classes, seminars and workshops between 10:30am and 4pm. Parents should drop students off at the School beginning at 10 am and pick students up at 4 pm. Enrolled students will receive a detailed daily schedule prior to the start of the program.

Students who are no younger than 10 and no older than 12 as of 7/31/20 are eligible to attend the 2020 New York Junior Session.


The New York Junior Session curriculum consists of the same varied course offerings as SAB’s core Winter Term program. Classes are geared towards young students who are working towards the possibility of a career in classical ballet.


Daily classical ballet technique classes with barre and center work emphasize the hallmarks of the Balanchine aesthetic: precision, musicality, control and speed.

Boys and the most advanced girls in the New York Junior Session participate in a seminar introducing the fundamentals of ballet partnering.


Beginning and Intermediate pointe classes take into account each class level’s degree of previous exposure to pointe work. Beginning pointe classes include barre exercises to prepare or introduce a young dancer to the first stages of pointe work. Intermediate pointe classes feature both barre and center work aimed at increasing strength and proficiency en pointe.


The mastering of choreography from landmark ballets is an important element to the transformation from student to performer. The Young Dancer Series presents opportunities to learn parts from works such as George Balanchine’s the Nutcracker® and The Sleeping Beauty.

Character Dancing

This course acquaints students with the polonaise, mazurka, and other formal and folk dances of the past that appear not only in the classical repertory but also in contemporary works.

Male Technique and Conditioning

Male students participate in boys-only classes, including daily morning and afternoon technique classes that include an enhanced focused on turns and jumps.  Boys also participate in an introductory partnering seminar and take strength and conditioning classes with SAB’s male strength training expert.


SAB’s certified Pilates instructor leads mat classes in the Pilates Method.

Nutrition & Physical Therapy

Seminars on nutrition for optimal performance and stretching, strengthening and injury prevention are conducted by our professional nutritionist and licensed physical therapist.

Cultural Education

Seminars on ballet history and Q & A’s with accomplished dancers are offered throughout the week. New York Junior Session participants also tour the world-famous Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.


Members of SAB’s permanent faculty, as well as guest teachers from New York City Ballet, will comprise the faculty of the New York Junior Session. View our complete faculty listing.

Housing and Meals

The New York Junior Session is designed for local-area students or for those who are able to arrange temporary accommodations within commuting distance of SAB. Families of students from around the United States and abroad are responsible for making their own short-term housing arrangements. Students enrolled in the New York Junior Session may purchase an optional 6-day lunch plan at SAB’s on-site, full service cafeteria. Students are alternately welcome to bring their own bagged lunches.

Tuition and Scholarships

2020 New York Junior Session Tuition Rates
Tuition  $845
Registration Fee $50

Students must make a payment deposit at the time of enrollment to secure space in the New York Junior Session. Balance payments are due on April 1, 2020.


Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis and are determined at the time of the audition. Student are informed of scholarship amounts as part of their acceptance notifications.  There is no separate application for scholarships.


Admission to the New York Junior Session is by audition only. US-based applicants must audition in person at one of our National Audition Tour locations or on specified dates at SAB’s headquarters in Manhattan. Students living outside the continental US may audition by video. View more information about auditioning for the New York Junior Session.