SAB’s legacy is embodied in every young dreamer’s journey onto the stage and beyond.

Our Approach

SAB provides a complete classical ballet education in a nurturing environment that supports student growth both in and outside of our studios.

We undertake the broadest possible recruiting efforts to select students ages 6 to 18 who possess the qualities necessary for the highest level of achievement as classical ballet dancers. To ensure that those with limited financial resources have the same access and opportunity as any other student with potential, we provide $2 million in scholarships and financial aid annually.

The high demands of the art form ensure that not all students will succeed in attaining a professional career, and yet the quality of instruction at all SAB training levels—whether beginner or advanced—meets an exceptional standard. Whether a student spends 2 years or 10 years in our studios, we are fully invested in creating a rich learning experience which teaches not only the fundamentals of classical ballet but exposes students to the value of persistence, focus and discipline that are the key to success in all of life’s endeavors.


“The School of American Ballet has been founded for one purpose only: To provide dancers as well trained as any other technician, whether it be surgeon, architect, or musician.”

Lincoln KirsteinCo-Founder