Issue 7 – Winter Term FAQs

Perhaps one of the most common questions we hear from dancers preparing to attend our 5 week Summer Course is how it relates to our year-round training program — the Winter Term. Today, we’re sharing answers to those frequently asked questions about the Winter Term, which begins in early September and ends in mid-June, to give you a glimpse at what to anticipate.

Please note that some of the details and processes described in this FAQ are subject to change depending upon adjustments to the program that may occur as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.


While the five-week Summer Course is designed to be an enriching, short-term training experience for all students who attend, it is also a very important component of the School’s mission to enroll and train promising young dancers for professional careers in ballet.  As soon as Summer Course classes commence, SAB’s faculty begin to closely assess summer students’ potential for year-round training at SAB.  Historically, a large percentage of the School’s intermediate and advanced Winter Term students have been recruited through the Summer Course.  Most students who enroll in the Winter Term after attending the Summer Course remain at SAB for the duration of their pre-professional training.


In general, the faculty consider all students who are a minimum of 14 years old and entering the 9th grade as candidates for SAB’s Winter Term residential program. Twelve and thirteen-year-old summer students may also be considered for the Winter Term if they are from the local area and able to continue living at home while training at SAB. There is no standard amount of “Summer Course experience” that qualifies a student for Winter Term eligibility.  All students who meet the age/grade criteria are considered for the Winter Term, whether they are attending their first SAB Summer Course or perhaps have been to several Summer Courses. In any given year, 10 to 15 percent of enrolled summer students may be invited to join SAB as Winter Term students. The number invited year-to-year varies as a result of annual variations in the number of open spaces in SAB’s Residence Hall. 


As explained above, all students who meet the age/schooling criteria are considered. A formal request or application is not needed. 


The faculty evaluates students for the duration of the Summer Course. While some students will receive an invitation to the Winter Term early in the Summer Course, others might be invited towards the end. Often the decision to invite a student to Winter Term becomes clear only after the faculty have spent many hours in summer classes with that student. In general, Winter Term invitations usually begin during the third week of Summer Course. 

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Summer Course Payments & COVID-19

The due date for Summer Course balance payments for Tuition and Room & Board fees has been extended to June 1. As we communicated to our summer families on April 24, SAB is in the process of evaluating how COVID-19 might impact our ability to offer Summer Course in its standard format. We are striving to make a decision that will offer the most enriching experience possible and are discussing many different scenarios. So that you have ample time to plan, we will notify you of our final plans for Summer Course by Friday, May 22. However, should we be prevented from holding the Summer Course in the format that you originally signed up for, you will have the opportunity to withdraw your enrollment and receive a full refund.

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