SAB: Alumni Connect

There is no doubt that SAB has been profoundly shaped by the more than 17,000 dancers who have trained at the School since its doors first opened on January 2, 1934. Whether you trained with us for one Summer Course, one Winter Term, or for many years, your place in the fabric of our alumni community is uniquely yours and we celebrate your accomplishments, on stage and off.  

Connection with our alumni community is critical. Not only do your stories illustrate the broad definition of success experienced by our alumni, but they inspire current and future students to think in big ways about the doors that will open to them as they themselves become an alum.    

All of you are an important part of who we are, and who we will become, and while your time training in our studios may have come to an end, we want to stay connected with you long into the future. 

SAB: Alumni Connect is a comprehensive initiative, providing meaningful engagement opportunities for you, the members of SAB’s diverse and multi-generational alumni community. Guided by the intentions to Connect, Engage and Include, SAB: Alumni Connect makes space for levels of alumni involvement that range from passive to highly personal.  

Connect: How May We Be in Touch?

Photo by Rosalie O’Connor

Staying connected is not only about being up to date on your contact information so that we know how to reach you. It is also about you reaching out to us to share your accomplishments and achievements. Thank you for making it a practice to keep us in the loop. 

Click below to update or confirm your contact information, or to tell us about your career and/or educational accomplishments today!

We will often write to you from, so thanks for adding us to your “known” addresses.

Engage: Plan a Visit or Join Us Virtually


SAB’s doors, physical and virtual, are open to you and we would love to see you back at the School. Arranging a visit is not only easy, but it is also a wonderful way to learn about what has been happening at SAB since you were last here. There are many reasons to come back and see us, but here are a few of the well-worn pathways that you may want to consider. 

Observe or Take a Class

Watching one of our Intermediate or Advanced classes is an experience like none other. Most classes are an hour and a half, and we ask visitors to observe the entire class. Alumni can have up to two additional guests join them on their visit, and all observers must be at least 10 years old. All class observation visits will also include a few minutes with a member of the Student Life staff so that we may learn a little about your time at SAB and acquaint you with our facilities. 

If you are currently dancing professionally, we would love to welcome you to take as many as two (2) Advanced level classes with our Winter Term students. Not only will this give you the chance to reconnect with our faculty, but it is wonderful exposure for our most senior students to see you thriving professionally as an artist.

Requests for class observations or participation must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of your desired visit date and are subject to approval.

Observe or take a class at SAB

Take a Tour

Maybe you don’t have the time to observe a full class, but you still want to see our facilities and reacquaint yourself with the School. Arranging for a tour with a member of our Student Life team would be a great option. These shorter, 45-minute visits will give us enough time not only to see the 5th floor (which has undergone two major renovations since 2007), but we can also catch some studio activity in passing, and still have enough time to chat briefly about how the School supports its students holistically, within and beyond the studios. 

Schedule a tour

Discuss Making a Gift

Because you are a member of our alumni community, you no doubt have an insider understanding of our students’ unique needs and the sacrifices they and their families make in order to meet them. SAB relies on the generosity of others to not only provide world class ballet training, but to provide scholarship support, fund holistic wellness initiatives and maintain our state-of-the-art facilities. If you are interested in learning about how you can make a difference through giving, a member of our Development Department would gladly welcome the opportunity to speak to you virtually or host you for a School visit. Visit the link below to arrange a visit to SAB for either a tour or to discuss opportunities for giving.

Arrange a visit

Beyond the Studio

Visiting us in person may not always be possible. Please keep your eye out for Alumni-only invitations to join us for Virtual Events. You are also always welcome to reach out to Sion Harrington, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, to schedule a Zoom call to learn more about SAB and explore your areas of interest for engagement.

Include: You Are Always Welcome

As an alum, you are not just a part of SAB’s past. You are a part of our present and we want you to be a part of our future, regardless of how long it has been since we last connected. No matter the time passed, every year we look forward to providing opportunities for you to connect with us, and each other, in person.

Alumni Rate Event Tickets

When possible, the School offers reduced-rate tickets for alumni at our signature benefit events including the SAB Ball and Workshop Benefit. By joining us on these special nights, you can enjoy a spectacular performance, reconnect with the School and fellow alumni, and help support the next generation of ballet hopefuls.

Annual Alumni Celebration (for guests 21 years of age and older)

We invite you and guests to join us for our Annual Alumni Celebration, held on the Friday evening of Workshop Weekend. This exciting event gives us the chance to not only celebrate the accomplishments of our performing students, but also to gather and reconnect as a community, reminiscing on our own memories of Workshops past. All proceeds from the event go directly to our Alumni Scholarship Fund which helps to support the next generation of dancers following in your footsteps. Click here to learn more about our Alumni Scholarship Fund. 

Beginning in 2024, the Annual Alumni Celebration will also be an evening where we pause to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of this impressive community through our Alumni of Distinction Awards.

Annual SAB Alumni of Distinction Awards

Across artistic and non-artistic communities, SAB alumni are making a difference and accomplishing incredible things. Your achievements are worthy of acknowledgment and the School is eager to amplify your stories to our broader audience. The SAB Alumni of Distinction Awards are a powerful tool that helps us explore how training at SAB provides a foundation for success both on and off the stage. 

We are also excited to have our alumni community help shape the trajectory of these awards by nominating their peers for consideration beginning in 2025. 

We hope that you can plan to join us each year at our Annual Alumni Celebration as we lift these individuals and recognize their many accomplishments. 

Learn more about the inaugural recipients.

Capstone Young Alumni Network

Members of SAB’s most recent Capstone classes, young alumni ages 18-20, are all members of the School’s Capstone Young Alumni Network. We champion the bold steps our Capstone students take when they leave SAB, and we value how their accomplishments inspire the School’s younger students. 

We enthusiastically invite all members of our Capstone Young Alumni Network to: 

  • Return to SAB to take up to 2 Advanced level classes every Winter Term. 
  • Be our guest at the annual Student Life Family and Capstone Young Alumni Brunch on Workshop Saturday. 
  • Purchase a discounted ticket for themselves and a guest to the Saturday Workshop performances, beginning in 2025.

No matter the level of engagement you desire, it is our sincere hope that you will find a space for yourself in SAB: Alumni Connect. And if you are looking for a chance to connect not outlined here, please tell us by contacting Sion Harrington, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs. We look forward to being in touch and hope to see you soon.