SAB Alumni Spotlight – Coco Kopelman

This month we’re shining our Alumni Spotlight on SAB Board Member Coco Kopelman. Ms. Kopelman attended the School in the 1960s and vividly recalls the rigorous training, nurturing environment, and invaluable guidance she received from her teachers. Watch as she shares her recollections of her time as a student and how that experience inspired her to want to give back in a meaningful way to future generations of aspiring dancers.

For nearly 30 years, Ms. Kopelman has been a committed member of the SAB Board in helping maintain the high standards of ballet training at SAB and the nurturing of its talented students. Leaving the School before advancing to “pointe class” underscored her desire to better enable students to acquire pointe shoes, a necessary but often burdensome extra expense. With that in mind, she and her husband, Arie L. Kopelman created the Coco F. Kopelman Pointe Shoe Fund.

We will be honoring Ms. Kopelman next week at our 90th Anniversary Ball and we invite you to share in our gratitude for her tireless dedication to the School of American Ballet.

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