Our National Visiting Fellows Final Visit of Winter Term

Earlier this spring, this year’s National Visiting Fellows made their second and final visit of their residency. This trip allowed our Fellows to dive back into syllabus seminars with our Children’s Division Manager, Katrina Killian, as well as implement their teaching skills by leading classes for our B1 and B2 levels in the Intermediate Division.

Lona Gomez, Tatiana Obeso, Kristen Stevenson, SAB Faculty Member Katrina Killian, Tristan Grannum, Yvonne Racz Key

As each Visiting Fellow taught, the others in the cohort observed alongside SAB faculty members Katrina Killian and Kay Mazzo, who then dialogued with each Fellow, providing feedback and suggestions. By the end of the week, everyone was inspired by the shared learning around their mutual passion for ballet instruction, which is really a key component in making this program so special. And though their residency as National Visiting Fellows has concluded, the cohort, like all those in years prior, is now part of the School’s broader community.

It was such a pleasure to have these talented teachers in our studios and working with the students! Get a quick glimpse of their classes in action in our gallery of photos below…

Applications are currently open for the 2022-2023 National Visiting Fellows Residency and we encourage all eligible dance teachers to apply.

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