Open Letter to our Community in Response to Racial Violence


Dear SAB Community,

In these times when we cannot be together, we must acknowledge the heartbreaking reality of the world we are living in.  While each of us is coping with the challenges of these unprecedented times, the impact of this pandemic and the recent racial violence is compounded for members of the Black community. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are devastating and unjust, yet these continuing tragedies demonstrate an unforgiveable denial of equity.

We know that these tragedies directly impact our SAB community.  As an institution where children grow and develop, SAB is responsible for providing a space that is anti-racist, inclusive, and equitable.  While we continue to pursue our commitment to these ideals, we feel strongly that this pursuit is a shared responsibility for all members of our community.  If you are looking for ways to have these conversations at home, consider this resource list compiled by pretty good.

As an institution which has undoubtedly benefited from systems that have consistently marginalized others, we acknowledge that we must do better to truly embody our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond the walls of the ballet studio.  We must continue to openly exercise our allyship for the betterment of our community, our art form, and our world.  This includes amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized as well as the voices of those who continue to help us deepen our learning and capacity for real change.

May we face these atrocities with appropriate action, authentic commitment, and the courage to stand for what is right.  We stand in solidarity with the Black community and the marginalized voices whose equity and freedoms are unjustly denied.


In Solidarity,

Carrie Hinrichs
Executive Director

Jonathan Stafford
Artistic Director

Kay Mazzo
Chairman of Faculty

Sion Harrington
Dean of Students

Elise Drew León
Manager of Diversity and Inclusion