Class Schedule

Girls and boys study separately in SAB's Children's Division (except for Preparatory A1) as well as in the upper-level classes. Two classes weekly are required of all first-year students. As students in the children's levels progress they feed into the Intermediate and Advanced divisions, where technique and related classes are required from five to eleven times weekly.

  • Dress codes for girls classes are indicated on class schedules. Leotards may be in any style but may not be velvet. The colors listed are stocked by Capezio, Freed, and Danskin.
  • Boys at all levels must wear white T-shirts, black tights, white ankle socks and black or white ballet slippers. Beginner boys are permitted to wear black bike shorts in place of tights.
  • Children's, Intermediate and Advanced classes commence for the Winter Term on varying dates. Go to School Year Calendar for Winter Term start dates by training level.