SAB's Young Dancer Series curriculum consists of the same varied course offerings as SAB's core Winter Term program. Preparation for a career in classical ballet is the primary focus of summer training.



Daily classical ballet technique classes with barre and center work will emphasize the hallmarks of the Balanchine aesthetic: precision, musicality, control and speed.

Boys and the most advanced girls of the New York Junior Session will participate in a partnering seminar which will introduce the fundamentals of dancing a pas de deux.  



Beginning and Intermediate pointe classes will be offered taking into account each class level's degree of previous exposure to pointe work. Beginning pointe classes will include barre exercises to prepare or introduce a young dancer to the first stages of pointe work. Intermediate pointe classes will feature both barre and center work aimed at increasing strength and proficiency en pointe.


The mastering of choreography from landmark ballets is an important element to the transformation from student to performer. The Young Dancer Series will present the opportunity to learn parts from notable Balanchine works such as Raymonda Variations, George Balanchine’s the Nutcracker™, Walpurgisnacht Ballet and Petipa classics such as The Sleeping Beauty.


Male Technique and Conditioning (New York Junior Session)

Male students will participate in boys-only classes, including a morning technique class and afternoon classes focusing on turns, jumps and improving upper body strength.



Certified Pilates instructors will lead mat classes in the Pilates Method.


Nutrition and Physical Therapy (New York Junior Session only)

Seminars on nutrition for optimal performance and stretching, strengthening and injury prevention will be conducted by our professional nutritionist and licensed physical therapist.


Cultural Education

Seminars on ballet history (focusing on Balanchine) and Q & A’s with accomplished dancers will be offered.  New York Junior Session participants will tour the world-famous Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.