Auditions at SAB

SAB holds summer program auditions at our headquarters in New York City on designated dates in January. Applicants who live closer to one of the cities on the National Audition Tour list are encouraged to attend one of those auditions as space is limited at NYC auditions.  Dates and corresponding age groups for the 2019 auditions at SAB are posted below.  Online registration is required for all auditions at SAB. 

Please note all of our 2019 Summer Program auditions at SAB in New York are closed.  You are welcome to join us at one of our National Audition Tour locations.  Please click here to view the tour schedule. 

2019 New York Audition Dates

Audition Date Ages Time
Saturday, January 5* 10-12 (Audition Closed)
Wednesday, January 9   12-18 12:00 PM (Audition Closed)
Friday, January 11  12-14 12:00 PM (Audition Closed)
Wednesday, January 16  


12:00 PM (Time Slot Closed)
7:00 PM (Time Slot Closed)
Friday, January 18  15-18 12:00 PM (Audition Closed)
Wednesday, January 23  15-18 12:00 PM (Audition Closed)
Friday, January 25  12-18 12:00 PM (Audition Closed)
Wednesday, January 30 12-18 12:00 PM (Audition Closed) 

The audition on January 5 will include hour-long time slots beginning at 12 noon.  Applicants for that audition must choose an available time slot on the registration form. All other auditions are one hour.

Important Audition Information for Auditions at SAB

  • Applicants who live closer to one of the cities on the National Audition Tour are encouraged to attend one of those auditions as space is limited at the NYC auditions.
  • Registered applicants should arrive 45 minutes prior to the posted audition time to check-in and receive their audition number.
  • The fee for an Audition at SAB in NYC is $45 if you pre-pay online and $60 if you pay at the audition. The fee is not refundable. (An additional $5 administrative fee will also be charged to 12 year olds applying to BOTH the Young Dancer Series AND Summer Course in NYC)
  • Students may attend only one summer program audition each year. (Applicants who attend an audition in one of the National Audition Tour cities are not eligible to audition by appointment at SAB during the same audition season.)

A note about pre-registering online:
You will need a username or password in order to complete the registration form. Those of you who have previously created a username and password on should use the same information to login and begin the form.  Failure to do so will create a conflict with your existing user account and will affect our ability to distribute your results in a timely fashion.  If this is your first time applying, you must create an user name and password. The user account  must be in the student's name, even if a parent or guardian is completing the registration form. Parents who are registering multiple siblings must create separate accounts for each student.  Follow on-screen instructions for "logging out" and returning to the form after completing your first form.