Invitations to Winter Term

Former Summer Course students rehearsing for the 2017 Workshop Performances; Photo by Rosalie O'Connor

While the five-week Summer Course is designed to be an enriching, short-term training experience for all students who attend, it is also a very important component of the School’s mission to enroll and train promising young dancers for professional careers in ballet.  As soon as Summer Course classes commence, SAB’s faculty begin to closely assess summer students’ potential for year-round training at SAB.  A small percentage of Summer Course students are invited to stay for the Winter Term.  The majority of the School’s intermediate and advanced Winter Term students are recruited through the Summer Course.  While SAB holds an annual fall audition for the Winter Term, priority for scholarships and on-site housing is given to students who have been invited to the Winter Term through the Summer Course. 

We strongly encourage any student interested in future enrollment in the Winter Term to apply to Summer Course.  Many students attend more than one Summer Course before receiving an invitation to the Winter Term.  Note that SAB's Residence Hall generally is available to students who will be 14 or older at the start of the Winter Term and entering the 9th grade or higher.  Summer students younger than 14 are only eligible for invitations to Winter Term if they have a local residence and guardian.