During the Summer Course, the School operates a seven-floor, 200-bed residence hall located in the Samuel B. and David Rose Building, the same building which houses the School's teaching studios, dining hall, administrative offices and physical therapy room. An elevator is the only means of transportation needed. Lincoln Center security maintains two 24-hour security desks within the Rose Building: one at the main building entrance and another at the 11th floor entrance to the residence hall.

Summer students are assigned to double and triple rooms arranged in suites. Laundry facilities are located within the residence hall. A TV lounge and kitchen are also available for summer students to use throughout the program. The residence hall is professionally staffed and has 24-hour adult supervision.

Live-in staff includes the School's director of student life, the director of residence life, the student activities/residence life coordinator, three residence hall directors, four assistant residence hall directors, and three summer program assistants. Additional support staff also participate in the daily operations of the residence hall.

The entrance to SAB’s residence hall is staffed 24 hours a day. Whenever students wish to leave the Rose Building, they must advise staff where they are going, with whom, mode of travel, time of departure and planned time of return—all of which must have been pre-approved by their parents and approved by a staff member. A nurse is on duty at the School each weekday and a physician is on call 24 hours a day. The School has relationships with doctors of all specialties.

SAB and The Juilliard School operate a dining facility on the Lincoln Center campus. Summer students receive a 20-meal plan with three meals per day Monday through Saturday and two meals (brunch and dinner) on Sunday.  Students not living in the Residence Hall may also utilize the dining services.