Summer Housing and Student Life Programs

Within a campus dedicated to world class artistry, SAB’s residence hall is a living learning environment: a safe and healthy community where students can build friendships, feel valued and grow within a diverse community of their peers. SAB’s Summer Course brings together talented students from around the globe, and although it is not a requirement of the program, the vast majority of the Summer Course student population lives in SAB’s onsite residence hall. The shared living environment provides opportunity for community, friendship and social exchanges that facilitate learning and growth.

SAB’s residential program is overseen by the School’s Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential and Transitional Programming.


During the Summer Course, the School operates a 192-bed residence hall located in the same building that houses the School’s studios, dining hall, administrative offices and physical therapy facilities. An elevator is the only mode of transportation needed for students as they navigate their daily training schedule.

Summer students are assigned to double rooms, which are arranged in suites and separated by gender. A very small number of single rooms (contained within larger suites) are also available. Every suite is equipped with two or three private bathrooms, and some suites include a small common area for its residents. Student rooms are flooded with natural light and all enjoy beautiful city views.

Two large television lounges provide gathering space for movie nights or social programs hosted by staff. Plentiful laundry facilities are available with the $12 pre-paid laundry fee covering unlimited loads over the five weeks. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hall.

Summer Course “day students” are welcome to spend time in the residence hall during the day between their classes and attend organized events. However, they are not allowed to spend the night and must depart the facilities when curfew checks begin nightly.

Staff, Supervision, and Security

Three senior members of SAB’s Student Life staff live in the residence hall year round and provide professional supervision of our residential community. (They are SAB’s Assistant Director of Student Life for Residential and Transitional Programming, the Assistant Director of Student Life for Academic and Cultural Programs, and Senior Manager of Student Life for Community and Programming Development.) These leaders are supported by a team of three live-in Resident Directors and seven live-in Summer Course Assistants.

SAB’s residence hall is supervised 24/7 by our adult staff, with these live-in personnel continually visible in our community both during and beyond their work shifts. While our Summer Course Assistants live in single rooms within student suites, other staff apartments are spread throughout the residence hall, with at least one staff member living on each floor. The visibility of our staff, their integration into our community and their purposeful engagement with our students are qualities that add depth and continuity to our students’ Summer Course experience.

The Samuel B. and David Rose Building is highly secure, with Lincoln Center’s security division manning multiple, 24-hour security check-points. Members of our summer residential community receive credentials to facilitate access. All other guests require prior approval and proper identification.

SAB’s school nurse is on site at designated hours seven days a week to triage minor student illnesses and to work with staff and families to secure outside medical attention as needed.

Community Standards, Policies, and Regulations

Student safety is SAB’s highest priority, and we believe that clearly outlined policies, rules and consequences are key to ensuring that the young people in our care remain safe and focused during their five weeks in New York City. Consistency in these expectations is of paramount importance. Our rules are clear and apply to all students, regardless of their age or their comfort level in urban environments.

All students are required to ask for and receive permission any time they wish to leave the Rose Building. Staff will cross reference student requests with parental permissions, grant or deny the outing, and then monitor students’ timed returns. Additionally, all residential students are subject to a tiered curfew system based on age. Our curfew policies ensure that all students are seen three times nightly by staff as they check into the building, report to their suite for suite checks, and finally to their individual rooms for lights out.

Other policies are geared towards the unique needs of community living. Students are required to adhere to quiet hours, attend mandatory community and floor meetings, and abide by visitation policies. With advance permission, parents, guardians and out of town guests are welcome to sign students out of the building for a visit, but adults are never allowed into the residence hall except on Summer Course move-in and move-out days.

SAB has an extensive Student Code of Conduct that sets the tone for student behavior and peer-to-peer interactions. Our school community is a safe place in which students are expected to treat each other fairly and with compassion. We honor diversity of experience, thought and background and hold our students to high standards as they live and learn in a community of people who are likely to be different from themselves. SAB’s Code of Conduct applies to resident and day students alike.


Enriching and exciting activities outside of ballet training are always an important part of SAB’s Summer Course. In-house activities are covered by a mandatory Summer Course activity fee and are open to both day and resident students. These activities are designed to help build community and take place in the residence hall or in our ballet studios after hours. These fun programs are facilitated by our Summer Course Assistants and include arts and crafts activities, spa and game nights, movie nights and an end of summer party and dance.

We also schedule numerous weeknight and weekend fully chaperoned excursions including trips to Broadway shows, guided park and museum tours, a trip to Freed of London for pointe shoe fittings, Major League baseball games, popular tourist sites and performances by New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. Pre-paid activities range in cost and are offered to families for purchase in advance of the start of Summer Course.

All students, resident and day, are encouraged to participate in pre-paid and in-house programming.

Food Service

SAB’s cafeteria is located in the Rose Building and was fully renovated in 2019. The modern and warm facility is operated by AVI Fresh and caters thoughtfully to the diverse needs of young, growing athletes and artists. SAB’s Assistant Director of Student Life for Residential and Transitional Programming maintains a close relationship with AVI’s Management, ensuring that AVI’s program is responsive to evolving student needs or concerns.

The Summer Course Room and Board fee includes a mandatory 20-meal per week dining plan. Students receive three meals a day Monday-Saturday, and two meals on Sunday which includes brunch and dinner. Students may add additional dollars to a declining balance account as needed, allowing for purchases that are not included in their meal plan. Day students are not able to purchase a meal plan but are invited to make cash purchases in the cafeteria.

AVI Fresh is dedicated to accommodating dietary restrictions. Vegetarian and vegan options are available daily. The fully weekly menu is available online here which includes detailed information about ingredients, allergens and nutritional information. Students with highly restrictive dietary allergies are also accommodated with ready-made meals that meet their needs.

AVI also operates Market C, a point-of-sale market in the residence hall. Students are able to access the market before curfew to purchase fresh fruit, yogurt, ice cream and other snacks and beverages.