Issue 6 – Important Summer Updates

Dear Summer Course Students and Parents,

We’re departing from our previously scheduled topic for this week’s Summer Course newsletter to share updates pertaining to the COVID-19 crisis. In recent weeks, some of you have written to SAB to ask questions about our contingency planning in light of the many concerns surrounding COVID-19. Rather than tackling the numerous hypotheticals that have been posed to us, we’d like to share general insights on how we are approaching planning for the summer as of this moment.

First, our foremost concern as we consider what will or won’t be possible this summer is student health and safety. We will not pursue any option that puts our community at risk.

Second, we are striving to make a decision that will offer the most enriching experience possible. To that end, we are internally discussing many different scenarios—probably any and all that you yourselves might be imagining! However, as the start of Summer Course is still two months away, we believe it is important to factor updates to policies and practices at both national and state levels that will be occurring during the next month into our ultimate decision. So that you have ample time to plan, we will notify you of our final decision for Summer Course by Friday, May 22. Should we determine that we are not able to offer Summer Course in the exact format that you originally signed up for, you will have the option to withdraw your participation and receive a full refund.

Finally, to alleviate any financial pressure in the face of ongoing uncertainty, we are once again moving the balance payment deadline – this time to June 1. We can assure you that you will have all information needed in hand before that deadline arrives. This new payment deadline will be reflected on your MySchoolBucks accounts by early next week. If you had scheduled an automatic payment to take place on May 1, that payment processing date will automatically be moved to June 1.

We know this update likely does not address all of your questions that start with, “What will you do if….?” We hope that you will trust that we are considering every possible concern surrounding this complex decision, and we thank you immensely for your understanding and patience. The Summer Course is such an important program for SAB, and we are putting the utmost care into our planning.

Best wishes for a good weekend ahead.



Carrie Hinrichs
Executive Director



Kay Mazzo
Chairman of Faculty


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