Issue 4 – Roommate Requests

Summer Dorms - Roommates

Have a fellow SAB Summer Course attendee in mind for your Summer Roommate? The Roommate Request Form is now available!  Students who wish to room together during the Summer Course should submit this form by June 12. To be considered, roommate requests must be mutual.

Note that room and roommate assignments are one of the last steps carried out in preparation for the beginning of the Summer Course. The School is unable to provide any information on these decisions prior to move-in day.  We work very hard to accommodate all requests, however, they are never guaranteed. If a student does not know anyone else attending the SAB Summer Course—and this is usually the case!–they will be randomly matched with students based on age. Please note that when room assignments are made, the only factors that are considered are age and gender. We are not able to honor requests such as “Kelly would like to live with another student from Pennsylvania” or “Please room John with a student who is from a different part of the country.”

Submit Your Roommate Request

Summer Dorms - Roommates


Please Note: there are a handful of single rooms available. If your student would like to be considered for one of these spaces, please email Eunice Omega, Associate Director of Student Life for Residential and Transitional Programming, directly at As with roommate requests, single room assignments will not be confirmed until students arrive on move-in day.

Finally, if your roommate request changes after you submit it online, we also ask that you email Eunice Omega at the email address above. Again, all requests MUST be mutual and requests or changes in requests made less than a week prior to Summer Course move-in cannot be accommodated.


Summer Dorms / Residence Hall

A Few More Details About the Residence Hall:

Summer Course Staff: The Summer Course ​residential staff is ​overseen by SAB’s full time, live-in professional Student Life team and is comprised of higher education housing professionals, college Resident Assistants, former camp counselors, and even SAB alumni who are familiar with summer intensives. All are trained in the areas of community building, emergency response, and conflict management. Our seven Summer Course Assistants (SCA) live in a single room within student suites. Given the number of students living in the residence hall, not all suites will have an SCA, however, summer staff are there to supervise​ and support all students​, not just those with whom they share living quarters. Students should feel comfortable approaching any staff member with concerns.

Room/Suite configurations: The residence hall is composed of spacious suite-style rooms. At most, students can expect to have 2 additional roommates in their immediate room, and all suites are equipped with at least two shared bathrooms. Suites are same sex, however, students may live on a mix-gendered floor. Staff members are typically placed on mixed-gendered floors to reinforce our suite visitation policies.

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Summer Course Payments & COVID-19

The due date for your balance payments for Tuition and Room & Board fees has been extended and the new deadline is May 1. Please refer to the email you received from SAB’s registrar Amara Dieter for detailed instructions. Many parents are reaching out to inquire about SAB’s refund policies in relation to concerns about novel coronavirus and how the current public health crisis might impact SAB’s ability to offer the Summer Course as scheduled. As you can see from this newsletter, we are proceeding with optimism that our summer programs will be uninterrupted. However, should we be prevented from holding the Summer Course, SAB will refund all Tuition and Room & Board payments.

Please type your question or suggestion to our staff below and we will try to address common inquiries in an upcoming issue of our Summer Course communications. Note that this form is for newsletter topic suggestions only and should not be used for individual communications intended for specific SAB staff members. Thank you for your feedback!


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