Andrei Kramarevsky

Faculty Member Emeritus

Andrei Kramarevsky was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, and began his dance training at the academy of the Bolshoi Ballet at age 9. During WWII, he moved to Kirgistan and joined the local ballet theater, Frunze, when he was just 12. He rose to the rank of soloist, and in 1945 returned to Moscow to resume his training at the Moscow Ballet School, where the noted Bolshoi dancer Nikolai Tarasov was one of his formative teachers.

Teaching at SAB, 2002

Performing with the Bolshoi Ballet in The Fountains of Bakhchisarai, circa 1960s

In 1949, Kramarevsky joined the Bolshoi Ballet, where he worked extensively with the famed Bolshoi dancer, choreographer and coach Asaf Messerer. He was promoted to principal dancer in 1959. During his 18 years with the Bolshoi, Kramarevsky performed a number of soloist and principal roles in ballets such as Swan LakeThe NutcrackerFaustThe Bronze Horseman and The Fountains of Bakhchisarai. He accompanied the company on many world tours, dancing in London, Japan, Paris, Germany, New Zealand and beyond.

In 1967, Kramarevsky joined Moscow Concert, teaching professional classes and taking on acting, singing and dancing roles. Before leaving Moscow Concert in 1975, he had held the titles of ballet master and director.

In 1975, Kramarevsky defected to Italy and taught at dance schools in Rome and Napoli. Almost immediately upon arriving in the United States in February 1976, he was invited by the School of American Ballet's executive director to guest teach a class. The next day, George Balanchine asked Kramarevsky to guest teach a company class at New York City Ballet. Balanchine observed the class and offered him a job on the spot. Kramarevsky immediately joined SAB's permanent faculty, and his teaching filled an important niche in SAB’s curriculum, contrasting with the approaches of acclaimed teachers such as Stanley Williams and Richard Rapp in its emphasis on bravura male technique. Mr. Kramarevsky also frequently taught NYCB company classes and performed for many decades as Drosselmeier in George Balanchine's The Nutcracker as well as other character roles with NYCB. Over his many years at SAB, Mr. Kramarevsky has taught intermediate and advanced technique, partnering and character classes to scores of students who consider him to be an important and beloved influence on their development as dancers.

In 2003, Kramarevsky was named to SAB's Mae L. Wien Faculty Chair, following Alexandra Danilova and Antonina Tumkovsky in receiving this honor for distinguished faculty. He has been awarded the Mae L. Wien Award for Outstanding Service twice: first in 1995 and again in June 2018 in recognition of his 42 years at SAB.  Mr. Kramarevsky was named Faculty Member Emeritus in September 2018.