Student Life

Student Life at SAB is committed to fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment for students in all divisions. The Student Life staff considers ‘diversity’ to be an umbrella term designating an abundance of scales on which students, faculty and staff may differ from one another, and is dedicated to promoting conversation and awareness about these differences.

As a part of SAB’s commitment to the health of its student body, faculty, staff and students are required to participate in professional development and programming that address topics of diversity, inclusion, and empathy. Programming includes:

  • Training retreats for faculty and staff, focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace as it relates to SAB’s mission and goals.
  • New Student Experience’ Programming: a series of workshops for new residence halls students that covers topics such as inclusivity and leadership.
  • Summer Course and Winter Term student focus groups, providing students an opportunity to discuss their experiences with diversity at home studios and at SAB.
  • Student Life and Residence Life Professional Development, with explicit focus on topics of identity and inclusion.