Financial Aid

The School of American Ballet is committed to providing students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to study at SAB. In 2014, nearly $2 million in financial aid was awarded to students in all SAB Winter Term and Summer Course divisions, of which approximately $500,000 was awarded to self-reporting students of color.

Each year, students have access to the following programs:

  • Boys Program: Tuition is free for all boys enrolled for the Winter Term in the Prep and Children’s Divisions (ages 6 to approximately 13). Boys Program participants pay only a $75 registration fee for 10 months of training.
  • Children’s Division Financial Aid: Females enrolled in the Children’s Division are eligible to apply for financial aid to defray the cost of tuition. Packages are awarded on an individual basis, based on the family’s demonstrated need.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Division Financial Aid Scholarships: Students enrolled in the Intermediate and Advanced Divisions and demonstrating financial need are eligible to apply for aid. Scholarships range from ballet class tuition only, to awards applied to tuition, room and board expenses, transportation, and academic high school tuition