Summer Course Beyond the Studios

During SAB’s five-week Summer Course, the bulk of our students’ time is naturally spent training in the studios. From morning technique classes to pointe and partnering, afternoon conditioning and variations to evening rehearsals for the Choreography Workshop, the students have a packed schedule that consumes most of the day. But classes and training aren’t the only special aspect of attending an SAB Summer Course. The program also offers a myriad of activities and additional programming that provide an enriching and fun experience for all the dancers. And as a result, students of our Summer Course have a unique opportunity to bond, make lasting friendships with fellow dancers from across the globe, and create some special memories of their summer in NYC!

In-house Activities

Evenings and weekends at SAB are filled with creative activities designed to give our students time to bond and just have fun. Resident students are divided into teams based on their floor assignment and many of the activities are an opportunity for students to earn points for their floor and win prizes at the end of the summer. But no matter the score, all our in-house programs are fun and engaging. So far this summer students have had a blast decorating their suite doors, playing relays for game night, styling totally unique fashion shows from trash bags and craft supplies, and more.

NYC Cultural Experiences

With our studios, cafeteria and dorms all situated at Lincoln Center – a stone’s throw from some of the most prominent theaters and performing companies in the country – one of the most exciting aspects of attending SAB’s Summer Course is getting to live in the heart of a city where Broadway, ballet, museums, and the arts thrive. With live performances fully back up and running this summer, our students have had the chance to see performances of Funny Girl on Broadway and American Ballet Theater’s production of Swan Lake at the Metropolitan Opera House. Not only that, but they also recently took recent trips to the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When it comes to cultural programming and experiences, there is simply no place with more to offer than New York City!

New York City Itself

And of course, the city itself is an experience all its own and our staff have programmed outings across Manhattan to delight first-time visitors and even seasoned New York-based students. From double-decker bus tours through Times Square, trips to the High Line and walking tours of Central Park, staying in New York City for five weeks allows our students to get a taste of this dazzling metropolis and all it has to offer.

We’re not even halfway through the 2022 Summer Course, but already our students have experienced so much and there are much more fun summer activities to come!

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