SAB’s Mini
Wellness Retreat

SAB’s recent Mini Wellness Retreat gave advanced students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and focus on self-care through special activities developed by our Student Life and Wellness teams. SAB’s Mini Wellness Retreat serves to promote the importance of good nutrition, mental health, and self-love. It also spotlights SAB’s year-round wellness programming and student health resources, which are bolstered by a staff of nutritionists, physical therapists, and mental health professionals dedicated to helping our students grow into healthy individuals inside and outside of the dance studio.

Kicking off the retreat, SAB nutritionist Heidi Skolnik hosted a snack bar to remind our student athletes of the importance of supplemental fueling between meals to maintain energy, concentration, and stamina throughout their busy training days. While each student’s snacks will vary based on individual needs, in general, Ms. Skolnik suggests students aim for snacks that have two to three food groups for a satisfying and energizing boost. For example, pairings like cheese and an apple, a banana with peanut butter, or yogurt with fruit and nuts, are perfect for helping bridge the “hunger gap” between meals.

For a healthy pick-me-up before and after class, students made their own personal granola packs and chose from a selection of nutritious snacks like yogurt and Get Golden snack bars, a company formed by SAB alumna Jenelle Manzi.

The Mini Wellness Retreat continued the following day with a “selfie esteem” gallery intended to promote a healthy body image and self-acceptance. This interactive display encouraged students to take selfies and write positive affirmations next to images of themselves and their peers. They engaged in writing exercises to hone in on all the positive attributes of themselves and were given reading materials and additional exercises aimed at fostering healthy self-esteem. “Dancers are already navigating such intense focus on their bodies, so this was a chance to reshape that lens within the framework of body acceptance, positive self-esteem, and mental health,” said Katy Vedder, Director of Student Life for Children’s Division and Wellness Programming.

SAB’s Mini Wellness Retreat concluded with a chance for students to unwind in a dedicated relaxation room. The vibe was truly rejuvenating after a busy week of classes and rehearsals. The relaxation room featured a meditation station, coloring books, puzzles, tea, essential oils, and a visit from an adorable, off-duty, certified therapy dog!

All in all, it was a wonderful retreat of wellness!

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