SAB Class Schedule: Pointe

Going up on pointe for the first time is an exciting milestone for young dancers. In our newest Class Schedule episode, SAB Faculty Member and Children’s Division Manager Katrina Killian shares insight into pointe-work at SAB and just how we prepare our students for getting their first pair of pointe shoes!

“It’s especially important to have new shoes at SAB because all of our classes are en pointe. It’s such a relief when my pointe shoes [are delivered] on Fridays because I know I’m going to be prepared for the next week ahead of me!”

SAB’s advanced students use 1-2 pairs of pointe shoes per week. Retailing at $110 or more a pair, pointe shoes can be a serious financial barrier to students from Level IV and up. With the help of our Pointe Shoe Fund and generous donors like you, we are able to subsidize the cost of pointe shoes for our talented students.

Donate by April 28 and your gift will be matched 1:1 — doubling your impact.

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