Pre-Show Prep for our Virtual Workshop

SAB’s Virtual Workshop Performance Celebration premieres in just over 24 hours so it’s the perfect time to do some pre-show prep in the form of recent press previews, and reminiscences from our SAB alumni. We’ve gathered a list of links and videos for your reading and viewing enjoyment that’s sure to get you primed for the program which premieres tomorrow (Thursday, July 9) at 7 PM ET and will be available to stream here on our website, our YouTube channel and Facebook page until 7 PM ET on July 13.

AGON pas de deux - 2019 Workshop Performance
Photo by Rosalie O’Connor

In The News

This week, The New York Times published an article by dance critic Gia Kourlas highlighting SAB’s Virtual Workshop Performance Celebration, the importance of this annual performance in the School’s history, as well as hints of what viewers can expect in Thursday’s premiere.

Scotch Symphony Rehearsal
Photo by Rosalie O’Connor

A trip down Memory Lane via our Instagram Feed

Since the Workshop Performances are a huge part of the last three months of the usual SAB Winter Term, it should come as no surprise that we’ve documented quite a bit of the process and unforgettable moments on our Instagram feed. A quick scroll back through the years reveals so many delightful memories on stage and in the studio! One, in particular, was a bit of rehearsal for Balanchine’s Scotch Symphony captured through The New York Times weekly #SpeakingInDance Instagram series. Relive this beautiful moment in preparation for seeing the final performance in tomorrow’s Virtual Celebration.

A Playlist of Previews

Finally, if you really want to get an early glimpse of what’s in store, check out this playlist of videos that range from excerpts of the pieces included in the show to rehearsal montages and alumni recollections. It’s sure to get you in the mood for the main event on Thursday evening!

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Workshop Performance Celebration. Learn more about the program and watch the premiere right here on the SAB website beginning on July 9 at 7 PM ET!

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