Planned Giving

Stock Transfer Instructions

To make a gift of stock, simply instruct your broker to make a transfer to the School of American Ballet’s account at Fiduciary Trust. Because your name will not appear on the transfer, SAB must be notified of the transaction in order to properly claim the gift. You may do so by calling Meredith Robbins, Director of Development, at 212-769-6615. Your broker will need to know the following four items in order to process the transfer:

SAB’s Account at Fiduciary Trust

DTC number: 902

SAB account number: 440766400

The following statement should be included in the text message field:

Fiduciary’s account at JP Morgan Chase: P56059

*PLEASE NOTE: Other instructions are required to transfer other securities—such as mutual funds and/or cash gifts. Please contact Meredith Robbins, at 212-769-6615, for further details.